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Thinking of Social Media brand management D.I.Y.?

August 19, 2013

ImageYou’ve heard all the success stories. Start ups and entrepreneurs that build amazing brand awareness and business by promoting via social media. So now, when those businesses are now going multi-platform (i.e.: expanding beyond one social media site) you are thinking of taking your “Facebook Plan” to the next level by going beyond your friend base – ALL BY YOURSELF.

Wake up and smell the multi-platform reality.

Social media D.I.Y. (do it yourself) brand building was successful for entrepreneurs 3-5 years ago because it was new. Growth was easier back then. Audiences were pretty much captive to one site and EVERYTHING was cool. 

Back then, social media was like the world to a toddler. Everything your social circle did online was awesome and you HAD to try it out. It was “rad”/ “killer”/ “fresh” or basically any cliche social statement of youth that is now totally passe. Social media has grown up

Need another example? Ok. 

Back then social users said things like: “Oooh my BFF just liked (insert cool boutique name). They MUST be cool. Let me like it too by clicking my mouse.”

ImageToday social users are less wowed by the same activity saying: “OMG my Facebook friend just checked in at (insert boutique name). How lame that store’s not even on Instagram. I just un-followed my BFF bc their check ins are TOTALLY killing my smartphone battery.” 

If you don’t get the difference. Let me spell it out. The social media audience is no longer captive or easily wowed. We can’t stand “social spam” and chances are, we’re checking sites via our smart phone where battery life is king and frequent is less appealing than newsworthy. Social recommendations (recommendations by friends via social media) need to be AUTHENTIC and not business generated to be meaningful. 

Re-enter the PR profession. 

Around the world PR company CEO’s (likely all now under 50 with the older generation being kicked out in favor of those who understood this ‘digital age’), are breathing sighs of relief. The more savvy among them are saying “I told you so”. Why? History gives us a good reason to know why ITUSO (I told u so) can so easily be “what’sapp”ed throughout the PR world. 

Social media evolved as advertising did initially (somewhat so anyway).

Before the rise of the newspaper, stores advertised with simple signage. They depended on word of mouth from customers and good signage to make their business grow. Then billboards, radio and newspapers entered as ways to reach the public and more focus was put on them to help grow business. Word of mouth always remained important but the media by which to capture attention of the public became more complex. Expertise was needed. The PR agency was born. Today PR is reborn because the varying ways to reach audiences online have evolved WAY beyond business posting signs in their online business window. 

In addition to there being more channels – there are simply more social media users. Those store window signs just don’t cut it anymore. Businesses need help. 

So is social media D.I.Y. impossible for businesses? Not impossible BUT then again, its not impossible to solve a Rubik’s cube on the first try either (of course, you can Google ways to do that too!). So how do you grow your digital brand in today’s social media landscape? 

Hire a digital media consultant. There are a few of us out here with actual social media track records. DO NOT JUST HIRE AN INTERN (glad I got that off my chest)! Whether you hire someone certified in social media with a track record of growing a variety of business social media presence or a large scale agency,  digital media consultants work with various budgets.

To reminders here

1. Don’t be cheap – you get what you pay for. 

2. Empower yourself with enough education to at least have a sense of what the consultant is doing. (Stay tuned – I’ll have an offer to help you with this in the coming weeks). 

As you educated yourself, keep in mind that savvy social media management is not “a post here” and “a post there” – its a STRATEGY with set targets, goals and measurable milestones. Where to start?

Think about why your existing channels (ok we know its totally ONLY Facebook for 99.9% of you out there) have likely plateaued in growth or engagement. How? Look at your content and ask – what’s new here that will make customers/ fans/ friends come back.  

Get that answer then find a partner in a specialist. Tell them your vision. Agree on clear objectives. You focus on growing your business and let them work for you to help grow your digital brand. 




Does time matter?

March 31, 2011

Time Matters when it comes to Social Media Updates

When it comes to social media usage, does time matter? This question dawns on me at 1.15am after crossing 2 time zones and one amazing vacation has left my body in a in time purgatory so to speak. Not having any clue what time it is made me wonder….does time matter when you are speaking to a potentially global audience.

Yes it does. While Facebook and Twitter have given the independent business person/ entrepreneur the opportunity to potentially avoid the cost of PR/ Marketing firms, those who know even basic PR will tell you, failure to understand the social media behavior and consumption patterns of your target audience can without question undermine the success of even the most shrewd social media campaign.

Here are the basic questions to ask when you are about to launch a new social media campaign/ update your business’ profile or seek to get even an iota of attention:

  • Who do I want to see this information?: If you are targeting people under 18 years old…you can’t post at 11am – they may be in school. Targeting the working population? Will posting at 3pm be effective? Probably not. Design your social media updates an actions to match the times your audience is most likely to be consuming the media. Remember, while your audience may love themselves some Facebook, any won’t have access 24/7.
  • What do I want them to do with this information?: Posting an image is great…but posting images that engage your audience is better. “Tag yourself in this product promo and get 10% off your purchases today”. The impact? Your image seen by every “friend” who tags themselves in the photo. Similarly for those who “Retweet”.
  • Is my information interesting enough to generate “buzz” beyond 30 minutes if my sharing it? Be honest and be customer focused. If your information is not exciting to your audience, it will be  a bust. Great you have new products but what if you highlight reviews by customers instead of just saying “hey we have new products”. Social media is about engagement. Fail to engage your audience and you basically have a print ad in a new medium and…that really won’t “cut the mustard” as the ‘Brits’ say.
  • How will I know my social media actions are successful?: If you don’t measure the impact of your social media efforts, you may as well ot use social media. Ask customers where they get information on your products/ services. Run campaigns JUST for your Facebook/ Twitter fans and measure how many people access your services as a result. If you don’t measure, you won’t know if social media is the best channel for your business.

SO timing is important but its not everything. Ask yourselves these questions before you launch you next social media effort. And if you need advice or assistance…ASK nah! Geez!