3 Responses to “Social Media At Work? Absolutely!”

  1. Sonia Quamina Says:

    great blog , always informative

  2. sandypoint301 Says:

    Social Media 101! I’ll share this. Good work Danielle!

  3. cristadaniel (@cristadaniel) Says:

    Great article, I agree with you with regards employers being more open to soicial media use at the workplace but employees need to be responsible in their use.

    Loving the word ‘cull’
    1. remove somebody or something as worthless: to remove an inferior person or thing from a group
    2. select somebody or something: to select or gather people or things, especially those that are good examples of their kind
    “The following cases are culled from the police reports.”
    3. remove animal from herd: to remove an animal, especially a sick or weak one, from a herd or flock

    Thanks, btw will you be hosting any workshops on social media soon?

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