Communicating In Times of Transition?

Want change - take some time to listen

Change communication is a specific area of expertise for Communication professionals. While there are numerous training courses on the subject, I dare say that experts in this field are developed as professionals  go through periods of organizational change and express a willingness to also listen and act on the advise of those who never have.


Change happens. So does crap. They trick is to try to make sure when your company goes through organizational change, it is not a period of lots of organizational CRAP! Simple way to do this is to have those who experienced changes before, sit and talk with those who never have. Listening and sharing concerns, and views before the “change campaign” evolves.

Far too often, companies develop the strategies that will drive their organizations through periods of uncertainty/ new management/ new products etc without ever taking significant time to listen to the concerns of the actual employees that will actually work in to move the company forward.

Think of it this way. A car’s engine can be top notch. If you keep focusing on the engine and ignore the tires, at some point the car just won’t be able to move.

My suggestion for an equation to help with communication in times of transition?

30% listening to staff + 30% listening to external stakeholders  + 20% planning +15% execution +5% measurement

I’m not a math person, but that equation can be a great step in helping your organization move through periods of transition. Once communication is two way, open and honest, most companies can survive even  the most challenging of periods!

My mother used to say – listen twice as much as you speak and you’ll notice people will likely consider you more intelligent.

Denise’s loud mouth, opinionated daughter…over and out!


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