Multiple Facebook Profile Disorder

The digital world encourages many possible new disorders for today’s population. Already impatience is on the rise what with Crackberry syndrome (addiction to responding to Blackberry messages as they come in) and Facebook status overload (people who update their Facebook status at least twice as many times as they change their underway in a day) and various other “disorders” on the rise. Tonight, diagnosed as physically ill by a “real” (that is, real world, offline) doctor, I realize that I quite possibly suffer from another e-communication disorder….multiple Facebook Profile Disorder.

Indeed, I manage 4 Facebook pages, 2 profiles and my own Facebook identity. I have 3 blogs as well – each with their own unique audience and purpose. Then of course, there are the various sites I visit daily in addition to those requiring maintenanceĀ as part of my professional responsibility….every now and then, like on Sunday, I make a faux pas…I mix up the profiles/ tweets/ pages – you get the picture. I even occasionally have to make a conscious effort to put my mind into the right “frame of thought” for the “profile” I am managing….shouldn’t this indeed be listed as some sort of disorder?

Probably not…not yet! As Generation Z moves from middle to high school the plethora of social media channels and communication outlets at their disposal rises exponentially with their propensity to e-communicate. Soon, the notion of a single “style” of communicating will be as passe to their generation as Palm Pilots and rotary dial phones are to mine. Possibly then psychologists around the globe are pondering the very question I am…is their such a thing as Multiple “Facebook” Profile Disorder and, if so, will it require medication of some sort? For now, the only cure for same is the occasional “signing off” of the digital world – moving from virtual world to real world and yes, maybe even physically surfing instead of digitally doing so.

Disorder or not, the single channel approach to communicating is forever dead. Generation Z is defined by their multiple communication channels and varied styles. Come on Boomers, and Xers….its our time to adapt! Tweet, BBM and FB this blog – then weigh in and share an opinion.



One Response to “Multiple Facebook Profile Disorder”

  1. Profile Says:

    Yeahp dude. Well said. Very well.

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