Is FACEBOOK really that powerful? YES!

YUMA has 7300+Facebook Fans & is YET to deliver a product

Can you picture your day without social media? While some may STILL think social media is JUST fun and games, the Caribbean start up business is quickly realizing it is IMPOSSIBLE to brand a new company without a social media presence. While I have lectured on this subject, harassed friends and family to recognize this and written articles on same, my personal experience with 2 new businesses, Hair It Is and YUMA,  now makes me ready to kneel at the social media altar and ask to be forgiven for once underestimating its power. I once asked the question: Is Facebook powerful enough to build a brand before a product is delivered? The answer – ABSOLUTELY!

A few months ago I blogged about the power of social media as it related to new Trinidad and Tobago Carnival Band YUMA.  Since that time, an additional 3,000 people have joined the YUMA Facebook page and daily interactions continue to trend up. It would me remiss of me not to mention that I too miss the “YUMAS” when I can’t update the page daily. Many mornings coming up with the daily question helps me start my day and following the responses in the evening helps me end the day with a smile. Via Facebook, a FREE SERVICE, not only has a new brand been built – but an experience has been created. We call it YUMAvibes.

In essence YUMAvibes were engendered by a promise of something new. YUMA is a new Trinidad and Tobago Carnival Band designed for

YUMA has these VIBES all year round with Facebook!

 masqueraders who find the existing Carnival Experience to be “mundane” (this in itself may be considered a misnomer – Carnival is without question an energetic at times hedonistic street parade steeped in great times and seasoned with all you can eat and drink for the 2 days preceding ash Wednesday). By engaging those who were interested in “something different”, by utilizing social media to ask the 5 Ws and the H  (who what where when why and how) they could deliver on a new product, the brand was born. Daily interactions via Facebook (the Twitter Channel has been damn near abandoned – much more “vibes” on the Facebook page), occasional videos and lots of care/fun have built a following and helped the Carnival experience live on beyond costume collection and “playing mas”. 

 Did it all translate into sales? Um? YES! In a year when experienced Carnival bands are slowly moving costumes, “YUMAvibes” has led to the band being 99% sold out (in less than 3 months).

Hair It Is has an Educational Facebook Page that helped Drive Sales

My YUMArific (a word the YUMAs invented) experience, led me to utilize social media to assist newly formed business – Hair It Is – to position itself to be “the” go to location for premium hair and hair products in Western Trinidad. Expanding on the tactics I experimented with while developing  the YUMArific experience, an educational Facebook page was developed. Videos (youtube), photos and educational material were swiftly uploaded pre-the public launch of the Hair It Is Facebook page to ensure anyone visiting the page would learn something about hair (and the hair products sold at the store). Upon launch, through strategic “tagging” the page’s following grew exponentially. Hair It Is staff took the opportunity to anticipate customers questions and post answers before they were asked. They also listened to customers questions and aggressively sought to answer them. They became a resource BEFORE ever opening  their doors and when they did… Sales the 1st day with customers walking through the doors knowing EXACTLY what they wanted. They even attracted an online blogger who wrote a rave review about the store and its signature products – ENV Clip In Hair Extensions.

The challenge for both these brands is continued engagement. Facebook IS that powerful and it needs constant fuel to keep people interested. The fuel will be creativity. I’m up to that challenge – and it is a part time one for me!  So start ups, corporate entities and others – FACEBOOK is powerful enough to fuel your business and its power you have at your fingertips!


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