Feeling Special? Everyone Needs to

Remembering Small Things = Big Appreciation & Smiles

Communicators are inherently giving people . We are often the considerate ones and the people who feel guilty if they miss a call. We’re usually never too busy to talk – and if we are its because something major MUST be going on…but isn’t it weird – when its our time to need to talk how busy the world seems? You see, understanding the needs of others is part of our work, but few people understand us!

In addition to the all important work of communication strategies for multinational companies, we order the flowers, remember the birthdays, prompt bosses to remember the names of wives and children and of course, we order the end of year gifts and occasionally arrange parties. We are also usually chefs, party divas and social people. We give 400% and every now and then we end up feeling…well, needing to feel special.

There’s no harm in that. We’re good people (most of the time). We need to feel special too. So here’s a wish list on behalf of all communicators – well, most of them:

  • Learn our name and remember, yes, we DID study what we do…like there IS a communication degree!
  • Acknowledge our email messages – OMG the power of “noted”
  • Remember we exist outside of a crisis
  • Send us flowers
  • Remember the names of our kids, spouses or hell that we have not yet procreated and YES we know the clock is ticking but we’re totally ok with no kids because when we leave here sometimes all we want is hugs, alcohol and a massage (sometimes just the alcohol!)
  • Say thank you…

Those two words can make someone feel special. Three others are ” Are you ok”. Not sure of their power? Ask someone right now – I bet they feel better that you showed interest. Everyone needs to at some point – in and out of work



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