One Response to “Where to Draw the Line”

  1. Kevin Says:


    Nice to see you back, I didn’t send a note, but I missed your updates too!

    Anyways, I think that it is important that we understand what the various sites are for.

    Twitter for example is meant to be public. In general whatever you post is meant to be public, it is like a crowd sourcing mechanism. Of course in the Caribbean, we use it far more personally, but then Caribbean people are far more open people!

    Facebook, STARTED off being a private thing for your friends only, but recently has been attempting to become more public. You can configure your FB page by deciding which of your friends can see what.

    Re BBM, I am surprised that the norm is for people to give persons whom they have just met their BBM pin, I am currently on the anti-BBM, but if I had one, that would only be for friends!

    It is important for people to understand that stuff on the internet is likely to become public at some point, or at the very least, it could become public. We trust a lot of our info to Companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon and so on. Hackers, bad guys or even company policies can have your info all over the place.

    With respect to the rumour, you are right, as a communicator, journalist or anyone involved in disseminating information, it is absolutely essential to check your facts before republishing!

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