3 Responses to “Communication Lessons from the Campaigns? There are many”

  1. Mark Lyndersay Says:

    A note on those ads that kept popping up. That’s a creative use of geotargeting using Google Advertising. Many websites fill empty advertising holes with Google ad code and wherever it appeared, the Google servers would read the IP address of the browser and serve the highest bidder’s advertising to that page first. The UNC was first on this technique and effectively blanketed the medium for a few days.

  2. Kevin Says:

    Very good post…

    I am not sure that this fits into your column, but one thing missing from this and every campaign in Trinidad and Tobago is good satire on the campaign.

    We are all familiar with The Daily Show in the US which has basically become a political satire show, but especially more so in the Election periods (like every 2 years there.)

    I followed the UK elections with great interest and the BBC’s main news channel (Radio 4) has a normal weekly programme on a Friday, either in the form of a news quiz, or a sketch comedy show called “The Now Show”. The news quiz is in fact highly based on satire.

    For the elections, The Now Show had a special programme called, “The Vote Now Show”, airing from Monday to Wednesday, which was a satire on the election campaign. The thing is, while the participants of both the Vote Now Show and the News Quiz were satirising the election news, it was done in a smart clever way that brought the issues to bear.

    We have never had that, just useless fatigue. I had the misfortune of watching a certain programme on WIN Tv… I won’t call the presenter’s name, I’ll just say that his sister is probably more famous than him.

    The show however, is devoid of any class, content or production value, and is absolutely not funny.

    For me, good satire is the missing ingredient to our elections…

    unfortunately, a sample of the programme is no longer online, and I am sure I would be breaking all sorts of copyright to post it on the internet, but I do have a (legally) downloaded copy I can provide if you want a copy

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