5 Responses to “Are Emoticons Stand Ins for real Emotions?”

  1. knycky Says:

    *Hugging you and giggling* hehehehe

  2. Kevin Says:

    Very Very thought provoking post.

    I’d like to start off by saying that I think I once got a *GASP from you on twitter… i feel special now…

    Personally, I am a tactile person… with people with whom I am comfortable. I much prefer being able to touch people, and not just in a romantic, or sexual way… I mean like a pat on the back, a “bounce”, a shake hand, a pat on the head, a hug, a kiss, the whole gamut.

    You can tell a lot about people by how the touch you.

    Another thing about email, IM etc, is that you miss the messages that body language send… I am just joking, or being sarcastic, the tonal quality of voice, all of these things are missing from electronic communication. Then there is the unspoken communication, the mere comfort of being in the presence of someone you trust, like, love…

    e-communication can certainly work as a stop gap measure, and can help save long distance relationships, but it is no substitute for the real deal…

    BTW where do you play scrabble?

    *hugs” here’s to world peace… (no kisses though)

  3. Kevin Says:

    because I am some sort of anal retentive, I checked back to see if it was a GASP… it was not… there was a “hold up” and an “OMG”, but no GASPing…

  4. Natalia Says:

    I really enjoyed reading this post. Kevin I’m not so sure that e-communication can save a long distance relationship though… it’s hard to get someone’s tone on a chat message, with or without emoticons 😉 How’s that for an emoticon… but seriously Danielle you’ve given us something to think about. The short answer to your overarching questions is NOPE, but of course everyone has to define their own boundaries!

  5. Kevin Says:

    Natalia, I accept that e-communication is not the same, but consider this.

    When I went to Barbados for UWI, 10 of my classmates from Trinidad had significant others. by the time we left 2 years later, all but 2 were done, in the first year 7 had ended and one the next year. Contrast that with the experience of some of my younger friends, (like 6, 7 years younger) whose the majority of whose relationships lasted throughout their Uni experience despite the long distance nature… anecdotal evidence for sure, but it says something. 😛 there’s another emoticon in your pueffin

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