2 Responses to “Published better than Posted? Yes”

  1. Kevin Says:

    At present this is no doubt the case. No doubt, people who post videos on the net have a dream to make it to mainstream media, musicians still want to get signed by the big labels, directors still want their movies produced by the big studios (unless they are indie producers).

    However, this is changing over time. iTunes is now the largest music retailer in the US. Sure a big label can still help you get noticed, but indie performers now have even greater leverage. With the easy distribution of the media via the internet, many bands once tied to a label have gone independent, such as nine inch nails and Ok go. Ok go have published their videos on YouTube, and have garnered well over 100 million views for them. The huffington post is one of the major news sources now.

    The internet has become the demo tape, the transcript, the means by which people can get noticed, at present it is more a means to an end. In time to come, it will become the end in itself.

    Where i agree with you 100% is that getting someone else to recognise and publish your work (and here I use it in a more general sense) is by far more significant that just throwing it up on your blog or YouTube or somewhere like that and hoping it sticks, and the higher or more respected the body, the more important the recognition.

    So let me take anything away, because I certainly do not intend to. Congratulations on the achievement, you have every right to be proud of yourself!!

  2. Karel Mc Intosh Says:

    Congrats Dan. You worked really hard, and I enjoyed brainstorming with you. Caribbean to d World 😀

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