Word? Your word is Golden

When it comes to business, your word is your reputation. Despite email, voicemail, text messaging, tweeting and other ways to confirm agreement, the verbal agreement still holds weight – albeit emotional more than legal.

So to all those that say “yes” on an impulse or decide on a whim, how about you temper the inner child and communicate with caution saying – This looks good, let’s confirm everything in writing.

You’d be amazed – the world might actually still like you if you change your mind after giving that answer as opposed to saying yes and then reneging on the agreement.

I guess, in true Trini talk, monkey know which tree to climb and by being nice and saying yes all the time, you can attract real monkey!


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One Response to “Word? Your word is Golden”

  1. knycky Says:

    Thank you. I’ve had a few monkeys in my time. LOL This confirms some of the changes I’ve been working on doesn’t make me cold (as I’ve been called when I started to practice what I preach. YAAA!

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