5 Responses to “Are you engaged? The social army is not in this election!”

  1. Kevin Says:

    they should be streaming their events live on the internet, and also have engaging websites with links to everything.

    Why don’t they have the text and video of the speeches of the feature speakers.

    Political campaigns are still being run by the older heads. My dad was one of the founding members of the ONR in 1980-81… he was part of a group of 30 something year olds… guess what? Some of these people are STILL running the show in the main parties, but now they are in the 60s. AS my dad asks them “Why on earth are you still a front runner in this thing”

    The ONR was able to garner a large proportion of the vote in 1981 is because they reached out to the voters. The internet makes it so easy to interact with the voters in so many ways, it is really a shame that the parties do not utilise it properly, nor do they have the infusion of youth and innovation in the organising of the campaign to recognise the powerful tool that the internet is.

    • caribbeancontessa Says:

      Kevin – true, old heads still run the parties and the campaigns but is it really possible that they don’t get the power of social media? Seriously! Even @CNC3Trinidad is using Facebook to have questions posed to guests and most media houses are using Fb if not twitter. I have hope. At least they’ve started! Let’s see what happens. For now, there’s plenty left to do!

  2. boboleechron Says:

    Good points… if anyone followed those strategies, they’d do well with their online audience. The thing is though… are the efforts the parties are expending into becoming more “socially aware” going to fade away after the election results are announced? I certainly hope they aren’t.

    While a good portion of our youth may be “plugged in” to the happenings mainly via Facebook, there are still a lot of people who are not getting the message… partly due to apathy. I had to explain the rationale behind the “Do So” posters to three under-25 Trinis who practically live on Facebook, but don’t really follow local news and events.

    Following your steps is a good way in breaking down the apathy by engaging the population in ways that are very familiar to some, if not most, of us… but they’d need to be consistent with it.

    • caribbeancontessa Says:

      Thank you for the comment and compliment. I hope this all continues after the campaigns as well. There will be a winner but in the social media world, everyone can win if they play the game!

  3. knycky Says:

    Preach! And teach!

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