15 Responses to “Say what? Does Traditional Media Listen to Social Media?”

  1. bandi Says:

    they still arent listening… we’ve constantly been telling them that if they dont know how to use the tool hire someone who does or dont attempt it…

    many of the communication has been in one direction… from us to them…

    its reminiscent of the political entities online as well…

    citing LOW penetration doesnt mean that the info isnt shared and then rebroadcast… what people read online is then shared with those who may not have direct access thereby what the ‘net’ offers isnt to one… you made the point about ppl logging on using various means…

    we also had a lecturer dismiss (my paraphrasing) the effects of twitter on one episode of the NObehaviourSHOW… this person now tweets and is using online interactivity ala the show…

    i missed the ‘interview’ and cannot comment on it but the writing by the ‘reporter’ isnt all that impressive either…

    in these here times we need to GET REAL!

    • caribbeancontessa Says:

      Well – let’s see if they WILL start to listen! I agree on the “hire someone that does” but, as you know, may proport themselves to and then don’t have the dedicated resources to make the Social media platform robust. Its too early to judge that but post campaign we’ll definitely have a lot to discuss. At least they’re TRYING and sometimes just that first step is enough to get feedback, fix your mix and do better!

      • bandi Says:

        check my list on ttmedia who ‘use’ twitter and see how long they have been created… and last updated…

        i’ve only experienced interaction with CNC3 when correcting them on errors and @cnewslive attempts to utilise the service at times…

        when you have reporters/journos registered and not engaging it makes me wonder if they just doing it for a paycheck…

        BTW dedicated resources to deliver… simple and readily available a BlackBerry or even a normal phone that can send SMS to update…

  2. Kevin Says:

    To hear the reporter answer the question was actually very disappointing. She was stammering and stumbling as if she had never heard of Twitter and Facebook.

    The thing is that Facebook, twitter and other Social Media sites allow journalists a unique opportunity to interact with their readers, and one would think that you would WANT to get that kind of feedback. A journalist can use a blog to express their views on stories and current events (there should be no place for that in news reporting) and use it to help hone their writing skills.

    I believe that journalists and media organisations which ignore or under-ultilise Social Media do so at their peril… One need only look at the closure of several newspapers globally to appreciate this.

    • caribbeancontessa Says:

      Agreed! Big time! Few are the reporters like Mark Lyndersay who get social media and even fewer are the editors. I guess we, the #WITA needs to work a little harder – allbeit in our spare time, to keep the media and society on its toes.

  3. Trini_mitz Says:

    I saw the interview and was also struck by the comment, particularly by a “young” reporter. To my mind it clearly demonstrates the immaturity of local media vis-a-vis social media.

    On another note, I was also sttuck by the difficulty the reporter had at articluating her thoughts… but that may just have been nerves

    • Kevin Says:

      Absolutely… one would have thought that being someone who writes for a living, “uumm” “errr” and “yeah, mm hmm” would not be the extent of her vocab…

  4. Andre Says:

    We actually had this discussion twice on the No Behaviour Show and since then my opinion has been slightly augmented. We came to a sort of conclusion that traditional media doesn’t get it. They don’t get social media and what new avenues it can offer them. They are accustomed to shouting from on top of the highest hill, what their views are and not having to get feedback from the listeners. Social media gives us a new found interactivity with the content we consume everyday and it seems the prefer to not embrace this.

    That will change. This is Trinidad. Print media is dying around the world as you rightfully stated in this post but is it dying in Trinidad? Are the Express/Guardian/Newsday losing money? If they aren’t, it’s just because we’re behind the curve. It will happen. So by that analogy, I’m going to assume that since traditional media is starting to embrace social media abroad the same will happen here…in time. It would just be nice if it happened now!

    • caribbeancontessa Says:

      They aren’t losing money YET because people keep quoting that “low internet penetration” crap. Give it a year at most – we’ll see bloggers being embraced by the local media too. If not, we’ll have more readers than they do in no time…if we don’t already!

  5. de_real_dwears Says:

    If the social media isn’t a factor during this election, which was the opinion she was drawing to, then why is it that we have BOTH heads of the leading parties, having VERIFIED accounts on them, Mrs Kamla Persad Bessissar on facebook, and Prime Minister Patrick Manning(@meetmanning) on twitter. Likewise for leading members of both parties.

    Another point, is that they not only do have accounts, they do follow them, as well as comment on viewers pages. I myself recently had a “discussion” with Minister of Sport, Gary Hunt, on facebook.

    As an avid West Indian social media fan & participant, I can say that T&T together with all the Islands of the West Indies are now re-creating the unity that was once the federation of old. We have more cross-communication per minute, than any other media source in existence.

    While I can forgive Alecia for this “slip of the lip”, I wonder about her social sphere, as she is within the age bracket of who are most likely to be ‘living on the internet”.

    In closing, i can only add that due to her comments, her statement will now be totally untrue, as remarks & comments on her view crossed 100 in 2 hrs. Will we be seeing this on the Television or Newspaper.

    Doubt it.

    Nuff said, Peace.

    • caribbeancontessa Says:

      David, very very well said. Amazingly, her statements resulted in a social media spike on a “slip of the tongue” on a morning show I had no clue garnered so many viewers from our certainly “underground” social media movement! 100 commenst in 2 hours! Impressive! Not even that bikin photo from yesterday generated that kind of e-buzz…the #WITA is gaining in strength, unity and dare I say it…power? There’s power in numbers and we can stamp out the ignorance… time for the opinionated fact checkers to step up! Wonder if the young reporter will respond…then again, she’d need to be on Twitter…..

  6. de_real_dwears Says:

    Thanks D, I have also copied it onto my fb page for the same purpose and I’m thinking of a way to ‘measure’ our ‘readership’ in comparison to the other media. Do u know of a way to have this done. If it can, we are going to have tongues wagging and jaws on the floor. LOL

    BTW, where is that bikini photo situated? I would love to add my 2 cents to it.

    • caribbeancontessa Says:

      Well we can track comments with # and blogs track your unique visitors. Today’s post seems to have struck a nerve – 41 people read (visited) the blog post on this reporter not listening to social media so far – in less than 2 hours. Will look into it.

      On the bikini pic – page 17 of the Express yesterday – interesting mix of my professional title and my miss T&T days which are LONG behind me. lol. ALAS the photo was not posted to the web (interpret as – hoorah!). Jermaine snapped it at Tobago Jazz – which was awesome and admittedly blog worthy.

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