6 Responses to “How to Leave a Living Tribute”

  1. Joanne Says:

    That was a very touching tribute! I can attribute part of my love of reading to your mother: no toys from her for Christmas! I always got loads of books and they were my favorites.

    She also reminded me a lot of my aunt Margaret (same middle name! Hope they’re hanging out together up there). Here’s to amazing, fantastic, and inspiring women: may we be as great as they were.

  2. Karrie Says:

    This tribute brought tears to my eyes. I so wish when my grandmother was alive I had the presence of mind to take pictures of her at every moment or tape her voice just so that I could play it now. I missed my chance. All I have are photos of her in her youth or a few from family gatherings. I really wish I had more of us together.

    I haven’t let that happen with my parents though to the point of aggravation I think. lol I am always taking photos of them and my mom and I are planning to make a video journal together.

    Really good advice. Thanks

    • caribbeancontessa Says:

      Don’t let the complaints deter you! I got some good pics of my dad this weekend – poor fella – he’s social media bound and he does not know it! Its all about the love!

  3. Alexa Ispas | Creating Legacy Says:

    What a beautiful way to celebrate the memory of your mother. I guess social media makes it a lot easier for us to leave a legacy that is easily accessible to others, and we should grasp this opportunity with both hands. Lots of food for thought, thanks for sharing.

    • caribbeancontessa Says:

      Thank you. I hope we all put the ideas and thoughts into action. You’d be suprised how much you come to miss the little things about the ones we love – like the sound of their voices!

  4. knyckycordner Says:

    Thank you. This is so moving. You speak from your heart Sister. You speak the truth. This (my “footprints”) is something that I too try to practice. I hope I’ve touched (blessed) someone with my thoughts and quotes (sometimes from others) as much as you are blessing us.

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