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The social media world changed yesterday. Well mine did. In a post about digital footprints and tips for managing same I struck a chord with people. How do I know? I gained 14 followers on Twitter. Ok so the number isn’t that big compared to Ashton and Ellen but hey, for a small island girl like me – it was big. And then I asked – why is Twitter so powerful?

Because it connects us to what we’re interested in. Facebook is your whole life – Twitter is just what you’re thinking/reading/ doing RIGHT NOW. For PR professionals, Twitter is a gold mine of research, opinions, links to articles and schools and classes and events…I dare say you can learn as much from tweeting as you can in one month of PR 101. How?

Its all in who you follow. While who follows you is good for the ego and for killing the need for a personal PR rep, who you follow is genuinely good for you. Examples?

  • By following IABC I found out about a student conference and referred it to a young PR professional that was following me (connection).
  • By following TriniGuardian I was among the first to learn the date of the next national election.
  • By following Steverubel (SVP/Director of Insights for Edelman Digital, AdAge and Forbes columnist and avid sports fan) I learned how big Twitter is (180 million unique visitors to Twitter.com) ¬†and that Nielsen Online found that 73 percent engaged in social media at least once per week.http://j.mp/9zK3Vp
  • By following Googletech (which happened when I started this blog) I learned there are others that believe (as I do) that internet is more important than TV in daily life. I retweeted (RT) that to all my followers

So why did I grow? Well, I RT the articles and information that was interesting and people RT my link to this blog. People clicked on either the blog link or my twitter name @danijones98 and found me interesting – then they added me. Ok so 14 isn’t a big number – but of the 14 only 2 are from Trinidad – so there! My social media world expanded, I have Tweeps in other parts of the world. Ok…sooo?!

SOOOO! I have a global audience thanks to Twitter. A Global audience I probably will never meet face to face but will connect with daily and learn from. How’s that for a change you can believe in. Let me be among the first to say “Twitterversity” may soon be as important as university…though, in the Caribbean we still have a way to go.

So tell me – why do YOU Tweet?


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5 Responses to “Y Tweet? Read Here”

  1. bandi Says:

    you are right 14 is a big number to achieve in such a short space “being from a small space…”

    my thing is though we are not in a small space… we are global its just that ppl dont always know where and how to find us… they also may not have been ready to tweet either… twitter (along with other social media) can be daunting…

    it took me awhile to actually join coz i was already perturbed by facebook.. i soon realized that hey are very different.. twitter is less distracting… most of what i would want to say about twitter for me has already been penned by another twerp over at outlish.com

    • caribbeancontessa Says:

      Thanks for the comment. I would like to know YOUR view on why more Trinis are not Tweeting….

      • bandi Says:

        trinis not tweeting coz they wanna maco on facebook.. twitter, even tho mauvais contangorous comments abound, has you thinking… 140 characters per tweet… very direct messages…

        short answer…

  2. Andre Thomas Says:

    Great post. I tweet mostly for social reasons since I’m not involved in PR. However Twitter is an excellent place to get breaking news(so long as you have a discerning eye to spot a hoax although you rarely see them). It might be the best place to have a detailed debate on a topic but if you want to share snippets of information it is fantastic.

    • caribbeancontessa Says:

      Thank you for the compliment and comment! I heard teh show with Karel and Mark. Good work . Keep it going! And your views on why more Trinis are not Tweeting?

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