Branding You. What’s your Digital Footprint Like

This afternoon I will deliver a short presentation on Personal Branding in the Digital World for Job Seekers at Costaat (a community college in Trinidad and Tobago). As I craft the tips on how to use Facebook, Twitter, Blogging and Social media sites to position yourself to be attractive to potential employers I am left to wonder…how many of us (ie: professionals over 25 *cough add 5 years* **coughs more**) remember to practice what we preach?

In a Slideshare Presentation on branding an social media I found great tips that anyone can use but wondered how many Caribbean Nationals are following the tips. Not all of us are as smart as Karel McIntosh who recently founded Outlish Magazine and are giving the web the Caribbean flavour it so needs. However, many of us, like Judette Coward are integrating our blogging, Facebook and Twitter habits?

Why aren’t more part our local chapters of IABC? Can’t afford to join? Well, you can at least join the groups on Facebook? 

As for blogs…there is a paucity of blogs with Caribbean voices. Some, like SaucyTrini now have vast followings and passionate readers. Others like Mark Lyndersay showcase journalistic talent in ways that may have gone unnoticed to the modern media consumer.

At work, we Tweet everyday with financial tips and tweet with our customers.  We have a fairly active, albeit new, Facebook group for customers and a cool one for employees. Yet so few of my colleagues blog and tweet on our own. Hey, we work to raise the profiles of our companies, why not work to raise your profile – BRAND You!

So folks – what are you doing? In a world where your name is a .47 Google Search or .07 Facebook Search away, what to people find when they look for you? More importantly, how big is your digital footprint in a world with a population that will soon wait for the news to find it!

I guess when it comes to your digital footprint – size matters. (sex sells people!) Get busy! Follow me on Twitter @danijones98. I link to a lot of Communication stories, Tweet about our profession and about that which I am passionate. In a world that’s Twefect, my passions alive.



4 Responses to “Branding You. What’s your Digital Footprint Like”

  1. Mark Lyndersay Says:

    Thanks for the mention, Danielle.
    I did a presentation to young communications and journalism students at SBCS recently that tapped into many of these concerns and sought to dispel, in young people, the illusion that companies are responsible for or even interested in their success.
    That’s here:
    Advancing a career in 2010 is going to demand a strong sense of entrepreneurship on the part of the next generation of young careerists and promotion, publicity and artful placement of their capacities is going to play a big part in any successful push made by a young talent who doesn’t have a highly placed or politically influential parent or relative.
    Even those blessed with contacts will find their path to success much more challenging without a clear sense of how they will raise their profiles in an increasingly competitive market.
    So your efforts at promoting personal branding may find stony ground, but they are dead on target as far as relevance goes. Personal success in the future will be leveraged by reputation and reputations are built through engagement.

    • caribbeancontessa Says:

      Mark – do you think we’ll ever evolve from simply “who you know” for initial jobs? Ah to dream…while a complete evolution is unlikely, I am hoping that digital branding can at least help level the playing the field (or at least make it appear more so). Utopic? I’ve been called worse. 🙂

  2. Karel Mc Intosh Says:

    Thanks for the mention Danielle. People are still finding their way around, and some are yet to realise just how much worth there is in networking and sharing information online. Mark makes some very valuable points.

    In addition to the branding aspects, what I love is the opportunity to meet new people and deepen networks.

    • caribbeancontessa Says:

      Karel – you have raised the bar in my view when it comes to personal branding and leveraging internet contacts. Outlish was marketed online. I found out about you, your company and your vision – online. We have discussed the changes in “live” entertainment – online….While I don’t have that internet business (just yet..wheels aturnin’), know that to me, you and a few others are bringing the Caribbean flavour to the digital world – and doin’ it well. Keep on keepin’ on.

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