The Tiger In You

You’ve seen it. If you have not, you’re a corpse but click here. The Tiger Woods Advertisement. Love it or hate it, this is by far one of the best ways of leveraging a celebrity “mistake” to protect your brand. By using his father’s voice to ask Tiger what he was feeling and thinking, Nike brings to terms what we all really want to know but shows in the end, we’re truly answerable only to our own inner driving force and our families.

The ad is gritty. Tiger’s image is not the boyish grin in the pink shirt – he has changed, but the Nike brand has not. The brand stands out more in this  ad than any I’ve seen in recent history.

I say hat’s off to NIKE for sticking by Tiger. I am not saying by any means his personal decisions were smart or in line with my values but I am saying he’s a great athlete and by admitting what he did was wrong, he’s being human and a good role model. Yep. I said it. Obama smokes. Clinton defamed the Oval Office. We forgave them because their other work is historic. Le’s give Tiger a fighting chance.

Congrats Nike. Gatorade- Step up! And for you local and Caribbean Brands, take note. We’re not saying forgive and forget. I’m saying be REALISTIC in your “use” of “celebrities” to build your brand. Everyone makes mistakes. How does that Biblical quote go…Let he is without sin?

Well said!


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