4 Responses to “Are you Guilty? 5 FB Actions that Are Rude or Freaky”

  1. Edda Cheairs Says:

    Hi – It’s great to find such topical writing on the Web as I have been able to fiind here. I agree with much of what is written here and I’ll be coming back to this website again. Thanks again for publishing such great reading material!!

    • caribbeancontessa Says:

      Thank you for your feedback! Glad you like the writing. Much more than that, hope you found it useful!

  2. Kevin Says:

    I could not agree more, although, I would title this article “5 reasons why I almost left Facebook”… well, not the last one… I’m not hot enough for that.

    The problem is that the internet has no filters, not that it should, but it means that the good, the bad and the very ugly get through. Further, there are no guidelines as to how to use it, so I get Farmville, Mafia Wars, whatever else invitations, even though I don’t want them, most people think it’s ok to just spray them wildly. There is no feedback to say, ok, maybe you should only give this to your friends who really want them.

    I still use Facebook, not as much though, but when I go to my home page, there are hundreds of entries that i care nothing about… Farmville, Who’s my Lover Today, Quizzes etc… come on… I just want to know how my friends are doing!!

    • caribbeancontessa Says:

      That is very true – a filter would help a great deal! I have a few friends that actually SHUT DOWN their walls and are using FB as ghosts (just seeing what others post) to avoid people posting rubbish on their walls. I must confess – I do like the Scrabble app though. We’ll see. facebook must evolve and evolve quickly. Hopefully the Farmville app will cool down. People canplay it on their Ipad now though so it seems it will be around for a little while longer…

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