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Are you Silent?

March 1, 2010

It happens to the best of us. Communicators silenced by experience and jaded by time. You know how it goes – you start our excited, challenging the status quo and suggesting policies be tweaked to embrace the reality of the modern communication world. Then, somehow, you “bun” (burn out).

The cure? Remember why you do what you do and forget who you do it for. Mumbo jumbo? Nope. Seriously, why did you join the field in the first place? Make your “top ten reasons why I became a communicator” list.  You’ll find yourself rejuvenated (or find yourself switching careers).

Ok but a list is not a cure all.

Next you need to make an action plan to shape your current work into what you once pictured it to be. Want “a seat at the table”? Who doesn’t . Design a plan to get there. Learn to “talk their talk”. Stop skipping Corporate events and “you better work” it.

Ok so it still sounds far fetched? One more suggestion.

Create your dream job. Yep. Become an entrepeneur. Start a blog like 5a. Creat a network or start a magazine like Karel McIntosh did with OUTLISH magazine. Teach at a local Community College or volunteer to fill that need that your current job is not filling. 

Most of all, speak up. No point being a communicator who says nothing.