Can we survive without Communication Technology?

Happy New Year. How was your first new year’s greeting delivered this year? Chances are, it was facilitated by a social media or text based platform that you PROBABLY had no clue about when the decade past first began. My first greeting was on my Facebook page from a friend in Australia who, boldly said: “Happy New Year WORLD” – in one phrase he summed up the power OUR communication tools will have to shape the social mores of the next decade.

Confused? Look back.

At the beginning of the last decade, mobile phones were creeping their way into the Caribbean. Nokia was a soon to be crowned king in 2000 – we heard about mobile phones but questioned “Would I REALLY need one?”. Yesterday, there was near panic by one of my friends who, for a minute, thought their mobile phone had been forgotten at home. In general, it is challenging for MOST people to consider facing their commute, work day and hell even WORKOUT without their mobile phone.

Still not sure? Vacation redefined.

In December, i was amongst a small group who were fortunate enough to journey to Europe for the holidays. The week before my trip, I had a crippling realisation…it was unlikely my job would pay for my data roaming in Europe as I would be on vacation. GASP! 18 days without my mobile phone? No internet at my finger tips? No facebook? No instant uploads of pics – how woul ANYONE know I’m ok? An investment was made near immediately – in my own blackberry and soon thereafter, my IPOD touch. I am not alone in my insanity.

Every hotel, trainstation and cafe we visited, a look around revealed countless communication tools being used by patrons of all ages. On Christmas Eve, people young and old harassed waiters for the “WIFI” code to ensure their various communication tools worked to allow for e-based Christmas greetings at the stroke of midnight. At the risk of sounding blasphemous, should mary and Joseph have visited a manger in today’s world, chances are the three wise men would have sent initial greetings via BBM.

So I ask – can we survive without Communication Technology? Can we picture having a question and having to get to a library or (gasp) encyclopedia to seek an answer that has not been updated 7 seconds ago? Will our children know a morning without email/ web updates or shout outs via Twitter and lastly, can we plan a vacation/ day trip or lime anymore without web based aides and searching for information from the palm of our hands?

In reality, some, likely those of a generation (or two) above mine with say – absolutely and undoubtedly tout the “idiocy” of the “reliance” on telecommunication tools in today’s world. “They” will question the relevance of Twitter and Facebook and say we are “bombarded” with “nonsense” like the exploits of Tiger Woods, how Avatar was made and reviews of the soon to be launched but not even officially acknowledged I Tablet. Sigh…not everyone is aware of how intertwined our lives are with communication technology – whether we acknowledge same or not…

So…Next time you hear these questions or statements, once your in my camp that a failure of the powergrid and underlying mechanisms of the internet would lead to depression and frustration among a significant percentage of your social circle, ¬†push “them” into the new decade. Challenge them to give up your communication tools for a week if they PROMISE to walk everywhere as “they did” about 40 years ago….when they say no, teach them to blog about their views – Web 2.0 needs all voices, even those that are grossly discordant in with my own.

No sure where you stand on this? Map out your day and communication mechanisms. Send me a note – would love to share the results with others.


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One Response to “Can we survive without Communication Technology?”

  1. olive3 Says:

    no we can’t live without technology in these times, I was probably one of the few people against cell phone back in 2005, and I looked back 10 yrs from that date during school days, children and parents were fine without them, but then a dependency arose out of the computer age and we can’t do without them.

    However, i wonder what the world would have been like if we developed the human resource in such a way that our brains and minds could communicate telepathically etc etc. I wonder if we are cheating ourselves out of the being the true likeness and image The Almighty.

    Communication is a fundamental tool when looking at the history of human existence, but the day of total chaos and anarchy in the world seems to be soon approaching and I wonder what will happen when the electrical system upon which our technology is dependent and built upon shuts down, what will happen to the people o the world. Remember 911?
    if one was in the US at that time one will understand the preview of things to come.
    iphones, ipods etc etc have become necessary distractions
    just something to think about

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