Want Power? Have a Conversation

“Who doh hear does feel” is a Trinbagonian expression that all Communicators should embrace. One thing though, you don’t just “hear” with your ears – you “hear” non verbal expression with your eyes too. A few years back a much older female executive (of whom at the time I was really not too fond), gave me excellent advice – Never underestimate the power of a conversation.

We love email. We live to text. We hate meetings. We forget what departments and other floors in our building look like. Why doesn’t work have Facebook. Ok Communicators – if you really feel this way, if you spend more than 80% of your day “communicating” from behind a desk, you need to “check urself b4 u wreck urself”.

If you’ve ever masked your feelings so your “phone voice” sounded “ok” then or sent a smiley face as a response when you were really cursing the sender of the email/text, then you know why its critical to have face to face conversations.

So now you’re thinking – WTH! AS if I didn’t have enough to do, now she’s recommending I actually MEET with people – YES. How? Carve it into your day. Schedule a walk through of your building at least twice a week. Eat lunch in common areas or, better yet, treat a random coworker to a sandwich once a week to get some insight into the thinking of staff who sit beyond the boundaries of your department.

If your business focuses on people (hell, even if your a doctor or chef), find a way to walk the waiting room or restaurant floor at least once a week to see what the “front of the house” has going on. TALK TO YOUR CUSTOMERS – LOOK THEM IN THE EYE AND ASK – HOW CAN WE DO BETTER.

A genious at this is Angelo of Angelos’ Resturant on Ariapita Avenue in Woodbrook Trinidad. You have not eaten at Angelo’s if you have not met him. He’s the chef and owner. He comes to talk to you. I have seen him have drinks with diners. I have become a regular at that place because of it. You see? The power of a conversation.

Get your butt off that chair. You can’t learn if you don’t ask and if you want power, people need to not only know your work, but know YOU as well.



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