Did You say Thanks?

Do you express gratitude? One of the most powerful phrases  in human relations is “Thank You”. However, few seem to do it well. Media relations for example cannot be built on one or two “media appreciation” parties a year. You staff won’t be a team if you simply wait until end of year reviews to say well done.

This week take up the challenge to actually make eye to eye contact  with some one and give a heartfelt thank you. Went to a great lecture or read a good article – write a testimonial to the author/ editor. Or, rediscover the dying art of handwriting – write a thank you note and shock the hell out of someone – mail it! Effort should always be appreciated and in this world of “fast” and “digital” – a good old fashioned thank you is still appreciated.

Remember, no one HAS to do ANYTHING for you so anything someone does that makes your day/ week/ life/ career a bit more pleasurable should be appreciated.


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