How will U be Remembered?

In Trinidad, you know someone has passed (passed away) when there is a lit candle outside a home. Automatically, friends, family, neighbours and strangers bring the family “stuff” (food, company, drinks and prayer). We wear dark colours to funerals (or white) and try always to void “speaking ill of the dead”. All these non verbal symbols mean grief or the passage from one life to the next.

When you’re gone, there’s one thing that will remain – the work you left undone. So I ask – how will you be remembered as a professional? What will your legacy be? If someone had to take over your desk tomorrow – would you be proud of what they found? Do you have the systems in place to allow for an easy transition? Have you built a tradition of leadership? Will the messages be sent as effectively or will the communication voice you preached from die with you?

Think about that today. We mourn the loss of a female communicator today in Trinidad and Tobago. I wonder, who can even reach to hold her torch and I wonder, is the roadmap to that torch understood/ available to make that transition possible.

Start today to put things in place to leave behind a legacy. I pray to God I make it through tonight because…my desk, like far too many a communicator…is a mess.


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