A Shoe In? Clothes Can Start A Conversation – About YOUR BRAND!

This past weekend at the EventologyTT conference in Port of Spain Trinidad, a group of event planners, communicators, marketing people and just plain old  “macos” (see Trinishak.com for more definitions of Trini terms!) to learn about being a better event planner/ coordinator/ host. In addition to learning lots about events, including a fantastic presentation on social media and wedding planning by thepartygoddess, I learned something new – SHOES MATTER!

On opening night of the conference (where I met Preston Bailey!!!), I wore my favorite shoes – a red patent leather pair of Stuart Weitzman 5 inch heels.

Definite Conversation Starters

Definite Conversation Starters

Definitely attention getters, they started many a convo. In every little “lime” (see Trinishak.com for definition), the group amazingly commented on the red heels – asking everything from “where did you get them?” to “Do those hurt?”. The conversation was ALWAYS started about the shoes -BUT I parlayed the discussions to focus on red (the exact same shade) as the brand colour of the Trinidad and Tobago Unit Trust Corporation – where I “happen” to head up Communications (follow us on Twitter @ttutc or join the UTC Customer Corner on Facebook🙂

I have stated the red heels “make me feel magical” – but the magic is in the conversation, about my company, what we do there and the passion about what I do! HA! So, do clothes maketh the communicator? Not so, but they can help! Over the next few days, being an avid shoe collector, I wore a few different pairs, and though, not red, they all became communication starters. The same can be said for the amazing “cupcake” ring donned by “The Party Goddess” – hell, it was a plastic pastry on the fingers of a woman who, on her other hand, donned a fabo wedding ring…hmmm!

So, here are some tips for making your clothes begin the conversation:

  1. Pick ONE Striking Fashion Item: Red shoes + a crucifix necklace +a t-shirt that screams a message (all worn at one time)=fashion disaster!
  2. Make the item link in a way to what you do: Maybe its a fabulous pen because you’re a speech writer, or a fabo “electric name tag” because you do event lighting (TLC was awesome with this). Good at media, have a fabo striking note pad, blogger? Maybe a kickbutt colour PC or a T-shirt (under a fabo suit jacket) that says “Blog” in the same colour as the shirt. Whatever IT is – make it YOU but classy and conversation worthy. Go for WOW not “Ewe!”
  3. Let THEM bring it up: If its cool and effective, THE AUDIENCE will bring it up. If they don’t, hey – at least you liked it. No one wants to be in a conversation that starts with “Hey LOOK AT MY STUFF!”

So, there ya go. A great way to brand yourself and to START CONVERSATIONS that will help YOU network better! Try this out and let me know how it goes. Of course, if it backfires, tell me about it but don’t expect me to pull down my blog…I already ordered the Caribbean Communicator inflatable arm floats! (kidding).


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